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Monochromatic weekend chic

Weekends used to made for relaxing with the family, away from work, which resulted in my perfecting the art of casual yet cool dressing. Office-proof dressing and easy-going comfort do not always go hand in hand, so weekends were made for skinnies, easy breezy tops or blouses and low heel ankle boots. Ever since I’ve been on maternity leave, week days and weekends have morphed together in one big blur, dictated by comfort and finding non-maternity that would fit. Heels had been banished to the deepest, darkest corners of the closet somewhere before Christmas, and the mere thought of stiletto’s made my knees buckle.

This week however, I decided it was time to get back in the style groove again. The press days made me want to put back an effort in my outfit, and dinner at my parents’ house was all the more reason to have some fun with some of my recent purchases. Print trousers remain a personal favourite of mine, and when paired with a silk top and a sexy heel, casual becomes sexy chic, just like that. When done in black and white, the chicness is upped another level. Casual weekend chic, down to a T.

Now, if only my posing was equally casual, or chic…


Top: Esprit
Pants: Vila Joy
Shoes: Steve Madden

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