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Caudalie Premier Cru The Eye Cream


Eye creams is one of those highly debatable topics in beauty land, there are the believers that swear by eye cream to keep them looking fresh and fruity and there are the non-believers that can’t be bothered with this extra step in their routine. I for one fall in the first category and religiously apply it every morning and evening. A tiny dab of product around the bottom part and side of the eyes to keep them hydrated, soft, smooth and firm. This led me to test the Caudalie Premier Cru The Eye Cream*. Now, as attested by previous articles on this blog, Caudalie and I are a match made in heaven, but will this be a follow up on our love affair? Or is it the first bump in the road?

The Caudalie Premier Cru The Eye Cream* comes from the brand’s anti-aging success story, the Premier Cru line, and is spearheaded as an anti-aging cream promising to refresh and firm the eye contour by erasing dark circles, reducing puffiness, smooth out skin and soften fine lines, giving a brightened, younger appearance. The cream consists of 3 primary ingredients to combat the aging process: Resveratrol-Oleyl for lifting and tightening of the under eye area, antioxidant-rich grape-seed Polyphenols to protect this delicate patch of skin from pollution, UV rays and free radials, plus to keep up the necessary levels of hyaluronic acid and lastly Viniferine for brightening of dark cirles or tired looking eyes. Additionally, formulation of the cream is free from parabens, sulfates and phthalates, so no nasties.

I’ve been testing this cream for 3 months now, and surely, Caudalie has another hit on their hands. Packed in a luxurious-looking golden bottle with a hygienic pump system, one pump provides enough products to care to both eye areas. The yellow cream looks rich and thick, but feels incredibly soft and even a little refreshing plus it absorbs rapidly without any residue. Any under eye swelling is tackled immediately (I do have to admit that I usually suffer from slight swelling, extreme bags are a rare occurrence for me), my dark circles fade away after application and I look more awake. After about three weeks, I noticed the fine lines around my eyes being less noticeable, which, to me, has been the biggest plus. The cream does contain a small hint of fragrance, which might irritate very sensitive eye areas, though it did not bother me, even with the heightened sensitivity of my pregnancy.

Shortly put, this is a great anti-ageing eye product. Perfect for those early 30-s to early 40-s, where it is more about the prevention and delaying of wrinkles, keeping those fine lines, crow feet and laughter lines at bay. Love, life and laughter, all supported by Caudalie!



Premier Cru The Eye Cream – 15 ml – € 56.32

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