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Bio Beauté By Nuxe Masque Detox Vitaminé


An earlier article (read here) saw me speaking of two new products that I had received via Farmaline, my online pharmacy numero uno; and the Bio Beauté By Nuxe Masque Detox Vitaminé was the one product I was most looking forward to testing. Fast forward two months and after extensive testing, here we are, ready to spill the beans…

Described as a “vitamin-rich detox mask” with a 3-step system that will thoroughly detox and cleanse your skin, leaving you with clean, clear and glowing skin. The mask, like so many gel masks, has a sticky gel consistency that turns into oil upon thanks to heat that you create when massaging it into your skin. It then emulsifies into a soft milk when you wet your hands to rinse it off. Apply, massage, rinse off. Not the quickest application, so I use this for my evening cleanse and keep the quicker options for this swift morning cleanses. Extract of myrtle leaves will purify the skin at a cellular level, while essential oils of orange, lemon and mandarin energize, clarify and boost the epidermis. The orange and mandarin oils make that the mask smells deliciously of clementines and other citrus fruits, and you are almost tempted to taste it as well. This has an invigorating effect, boosting the skin and the spirit!

After having used it as a normal cleanser a few times, I decided to switch things up and follow one of Phil’s advices and applied the gel when I took a bath. Leave it on for you entire soak, and the steam and heat of the bath will open your pores even more, allowing the mask to work even better. I massage it in every 10 minutes, and then leave it again. I rinse it off when you get out and then follow with a face oil. My skin feels smooth, baby soft and clean, but it’s the radiance that makes me reach for this mask over and over again. My skin looks fresh, less tired and just downright glows, which is all I need after a long day!

If you’re looking for a good cleanser, get this one! If you’re looking for a multi-tasking mask, get this one! If you want only one product in your cabinet, get this one! Shortly put, this mask is a must have!








  1. I had a sample sachet of this in my Farmaline goody box and I loved it! I have just run out some of my other masks and I will be getting this one without a doubt, I love the smell and the texture and it leaves the skin soft and glowy 🙂 Xx

    • It really is worth every penny, it’s a great all rounder. Detoxes, cleanses, softens and does not dry out at all. Just follow with a face oil and my face is happy 🙂

    • IK kan daar echt van genieten, moet bij wijze van spreken een wekker zetten om er na een uur uit te komen, anders blijf ik zitten tot ik helemaal verrimpeld ben 🙂

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