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A mask a day Part 2…

To say that I love masks is an understatement! I have a bathroom cabinet filled to the brim with them, am spoiled for choice when I want to target a specific problem and would do one every night if my skin allowed it. My husband no longer looks frightened when I sit down on the couch all white-faced or covered in something clear and shiny, knowing full well that he’ll have to pause whatever program we’re watching ten minutes later so that I can head back into the bathroom to wash it all off.

I already spoke of some of my previous favourites in an earlier article (can be read here), but these are the three that I’ve been reaching for the most the last few months. I must admit that there is a number 4 that has taken the top spot, but that French beauty deserves a post of it’s own!


To start off, the Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Mask is the mask that isn’t one. This clear gel mask is intended to be a hydrating mask, with hyaluronic acid to hold on to moisture and  to attract water molecules to the surface of your skin for that dewy, hydrated effect, plus lycopene-rich tomato seeds to restore the skin’s barrier. I however use it as a serum instead on the days that my skin is drier than Death Valley. A thin layer under my day cream or a little boost throughout the day, and I am good to go!

The Qiriness Le Wrap Temps Sublime Youth Revival Mask is quite a mouthful, but this mask is supposed to be a power-worker, targeting 5 skin-issues: protect, restore dewiness, reinforce, give comfort and fill up skin where needed. It is a global anti-ageing mask fit for all skin types, with apple and pear extracts to mildly exfoliate the skin, whilst hyaluronic acid moisturizes and Whu-zu-yu the microcirculation boost. With tomato extract and soy to boost the collagen- and elastine production, Vitamin C, Calcium and amino-acids round off a particularly powerful batch of ingredients. I use this about once a week, 10 minutes on clean skin, and afterwards my skin looks fresh, dewy, more even and plumper. I still need to top it off with a moisturizer or a hydrating mask, but that is due to the dryness of my skin, not due to this mask. I’ve used it as well as a boost in the morning or whilst getting ready for a party, when my skin was looking a bit dull and needed a bit of a perk-me-up.

Lastly, the Filorga Meso-Mask Anti Wrinkle Lightening Mask is also a weekly must. It’s somewhat similar to the Qiriness mask in it’s  purpose, ie. replumping, brightening and overall improving the elasticity. It contains 94 ingredients, but the most important ones are rhamnose and polysaccharide to soothe irritations and even the complexion, and Filorga’s exclusive NCTF® formula to stimulate the cellular activity and the production of collagen. Designed to be used once a week during the first two months, and then as an upkeep, this mask did not do much for my skin the first time I used it. It left my skin feeling red and flustered, but having heard that this was common, I tried it again, and test number 2 was far more positive. It still tingles a little bit when I use it, but I can see the improvement after rinsing it off. As with the Qiriness mask, my skin looks dewy, more even and plumper, but after this mask it is less glowy and more healthy looking, with fine lines fading into oblivion. Also, the effect is longer lasting than with the Qiriness mask.


Any other masks you can’t do without?


  1. Remind me that I bring a surprise for you on our beauty date in March! 😉 I have a mask that’s just right for you (- I think).

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