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SeeByChloe Eau Fraîche

SeeByChloé Eau Fraiche 4

A few little confessions to kick off the weekend: I love fragrances (I literally cannot add another sample to my cabinet, much to the despair of my long-suffering husband)! I love clean, crisp and fresh frangrances! And I love Chloe fragrances (love each and every one of them, I just do)!

Now, everytime a press release from Chloe pops up in my inbox, my interest is automatically tickled, but when the delightful Katia, my beauty-partner-in-crime, had a bottle of the SeeByChloe Eau Fraîche with her when we met last Friday, I could not resist a little spraying. And in love I fell…

Softer and aerier than the original SeeByChloe fragrance, this Eau Fraîche is the creation of Michel Almairac. It opens with notes of water hyacinth before the apple blossom and jasmin take over. Vetiver rounds it all up and gives the scent an earthy touch. And today, to start off a fresh, new weekend, Chloe released this little video for the fragrance. Enjoy!

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