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Wishlist Item – Jo Malone Just like Sunday

Sundays (and weekends by extension) are made for relaxing! And what better way to relax than by lighting a deliciously scented, beautifully looking fragranced candle whilst staying in? Fragrance mood captivator par excellence has always understood this, and for their first collection by style editor Charlotte Stockdale, they have created a a four-piece candle collection called Just Like Sunday.

As the name would suggest, this collection is designed to take you through a perfect Sunday. Starting with the crisp, clean sheets when waking up slowly, Lavender and Lovage kicks off, to be followed by Green Tomato Leaf which takes you to the kitchen via the greenhouse. Sunday afternoons are made for Sweet Almond and Macaroon while you’re having a cup of tea, and cosy nights are spent with Incense and Embers which makes me long for a book to read and a roaring, warm log fire to read it in front of.

“A pause in the week. To relax in crisp, white sheets, airy with lavender. To unwind…and go wherever the mood takes you. Out to the garden. Into the greenhouse, twisting tomatoes fresh from the vine. Earthy, leafy and full of sunshine. A hearty lunch. A breezy walk. Then paradise. A plate of sweet almond macaroons with a pot of steaming tea. Vanilla-soft and coconut rich. Sleepy by the fire. Smoky incense curling into the air. No need to think. Easy… Just Like Sunday ”

Lavender & Lovage

Lavender & Lovage

Sweet Almond & Macaroon

Sweet Almond & Macaroon

Green Tomato Leaf

Green Tomato Leaf


Incense & Embers

Incense & Embers

Just Like Sunday Home Candle Collection
£39.00 / candle


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