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Weleda Christmas Crackers

With Christmas only a few days away, all decorations have been pulled out of their boxes and displayed throughout the whole house, candles are being lit every night and the kitchen continuously smells of gingerbread and cookies. Despite my advocating every year, my mum still won’t let me organize the Christmas dinner at my house, insisting we’d all gather at my parent’s, but she has relented and has handed the decoration duties over to me.

One of the things I love most about setting the table for that epic feast of turkey, laughter and loudness is getting out the Christmas Crackers. Not really well known in Belgium, I tend to get mine in the UK, where they can be found everywhere and in every prive range. Christmas Crackers is a little gift, embellished as a fun game, that you place on each plate. Pull both sides at the same time, and a little surpise will come out with a bang. Normally these are filled with little toys, but Weleda managed to combine the joy of this cracker with some serious beauty offerings.

The  Weleda Christmas Crackers are available in a set of 6 crackers, and each cracker has been created around one of Weleda’s product lines. Every single one contains 2 mini’s, being for example an oil and shower gel. Pretty on the outside and the inside, and an extra festive way of trying out these products, these will make their way to my mum’s dinner table. And as mine is family dominated by women, no doubt these little beauties will be tested straight after the main course! 

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