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Lounge in style – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley-style

Temperatures have been dropping slowly but surely over here, and all that makes me want to do is stay in the house and watch cartoons with my son or a boxset with the hubby. Of course that calls for comfortable clothing, because, as the ever so tongue-in-cheek Phil would say “Things I learned from wearing yoga pants all day long: the only flexible thing about me is my waistline. ” However, there’s comfortable and there’s comfortable. One is baggy and frumpy, the other option is soft yet luxurious and still stylish. Guess which one I prefer…

Cue the Rosie for Autograph sleepwear range, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s new collection for Marks and Spencer. A gorgeous collection of comfy pyjama sets, soft jersey t-shirts and a whole lot of cashmere. See what I mean by “soft yet luxurious and still stylish?” A neutral colour palette of greys, cream and hints of lilac combined with luxe fabrics makes that these are pieces that you will make you feel chic, even when just staying in. Star of the collection is the cashmere sweater with the detachable snood, a piece you’ll probably want to wear all winter long. I have my eye on both of the below outfits…


Prices start at at £14.
Available at Marks and Spencer and via their

Pictures courtesy of Marks and Spencer


  1. Om te beginnen: Rosie is voor mij de mooiste op de wereld, wat een knaller is dit toch! En dan, ik ga eind van de maand naar London en oh oh wat fijn dat jij hierover geschreven hebt want ik wist het niet!!!

    • Graag gedaan 🙂 De hele collectie is gewoonweg prachtig! Ik moet begin December ook naar Londen, ook al is het voor het werk, en in dat ene uurtje vrije tijd trek ik toch ook naar de M&S Store op Marble Arch om te kijken en te passen….

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