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Happy 1st Birthday Deauty!


A bit overdue, but as my nan always said, better late than never: Happy 1st Birthday to the entire Deauty Team! This first birthday is quite a feat, being the very first beauty subscription service in Belgium! Modelled on the international services such as Birchbox and Glossybox, this year brought 12 boxes of beauty in all of it’s forms.

The last few boxes might have been more of a hit-and-miss experience for most beauty-lovers amongst us, lacking the luxe, glamour and higher end discoveries promised at the beginning, but the birthday box hopefully manages to change the tide and reignite that initial enthousiasm.

First thing I notice about this birthday box is the attention to detail they have put in. A makeshift crown surrounds the box, the hummingbird is carrying a candle, the contents are tied together by a silk ribbon, an additional voucher for a full size Bioderma soap can be found and the content menu has been printed on a cute little gimmick, ie paper containing flower seeds. Put it in soil, add some water and flowers you shall get! Supposedly this box only contains full size products, but is that really so?

The menu states that the box contains the following items:
Bioderma SensiBio H2O – €9,20 for 100ml
Clinique Long Lasting Lipstick ‘All Heart’ – 
 Baby Lips ‘Minty Fresh’ – €3,99
Avril blush – €2
Garnier Perfect Blur – €10,99


First things first, the Garnier Perfect Blur and the Maybelline Baby Lips are indeed new to the Belgian market and high on the wishlist of many a beauty lover. The Bioderma Miscellary Water has long reached a cult status, and has succesfully been included in a previous Deauty Box. The Avril Blush is a blush of an unknown, low budget brand but it seems to be a pretty colour, and the Clinique lipstick could very well be that touch of luxury that we have been waiting for. Both the Garnier Perfect Blur and the Maybelline Baby Lips immediately found their way into my bathroom cabinet and have been used almost every single day since receiving this box, and I have to admit that I love them both. I have never met a lip balm that I didn’t want to try, and this one leaves my lips velvety soft. The Perfect Blur deserves a review of it’s own, so that one will follow in a while.


So far so good. A good diversity? Yes. A mix of known and unknown products? Yes. All full size products? That’s the bit that irks me. The Bioderma is a 100 ml bottle, which actually is a travel size, and not a standard full size (that would be the 250 ml or the 500 ml). The normal packaging of a Clinique lipstick is a silver casing, and not the green plastic casing that we see here. These are normally used for a Gift with Purchase, which again is not a real full size / retail product. Full size might be stretching the truth a bit.


All in all,  Deauty have upped their game compared to the last few boxes, but there is still room for improvement. This was the second themed box in a row after the Eco Box, and that to me seems to be the way to go! No more random selections, but each box created around a thoughtful theme.

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