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Baby on Board!

Life on the blog has a been a bit on the slow side this summer, I know, but please forgive me as this has its reasons. Now that Autumn has begun, I can finally let you in on our little secret and let you know that the husband and I are very happy to be expecting our second child!


After a very rocky first trimester, I have finally gotten past the 12 weeks mark and am now easing my way into week 14 of this pregnancy. A constant nausea and a kidney infection made sure that I actually lost weight over the last three months, so there is no belly to be seen just yet, though I have now gotten to the point where I look like I have had one piece of pie too many. Baby number 2 is due to join our little family in March 2014, and Mummy, Daddy and big brother can’t wait to meet him/her.


Obviously we are both elated and excited, however I will try to not let this pregnancy overtake the blog. There will be the occassional update or a post on maternity wear and pregnancy-suited products, but if it gets to be too much, just let me know!


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