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Venturing into online skincare shopping…

Confession: online shopping has never really had quite the appeal to me that it seems to have to others. Whereas my fellow life and beauty – lovers seem to be enthiced and enthralled by all offerings on a computer screen, I never seem to get further than a quick glance at said screen and a slight shrug of the shoulders. Call me old fashioned, but I like to go inside an actual brick shop, hold the actual product in my hand, feel it, test it, smell it and so on. Same goes for clothing, I like to try it on before shelling out my hard earned money.

A few weeks ago, after a very rough day, a particularly bad stretch of skin care problems and rapidly becoming fed up with the fact that the products I really wanted to try aren’t available here in Belgium, I gave in and opened the Beauty Bay webshop. After going back and forth for a few hours, I finally hit that purchase button and ordered the two products that I had been wanting to try for a long, long time: the Pai Macadamia and Rose Cream and the RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream. Standard delivery in Europe is free with Beauty Bay, however, having had to wait nearly two weeks before delivery of my package, you might want to consider paying extra if you’re not that patient or in dire need of your order.

Once the package was finally delivered to my doorstep, it kind of felt like a moment of truth experience. You know what is inside that package, but still it feels like opening a present on Christmas morning. To my disappointment, there weren’t any samples included, but either I was expecting too much or this is just not company policy. Anyway, sample disappointment aside, the goodies were packaged nicely and still in one piece, and above all, I had finally gotten my hands on two products that I had wanted to try for months! Both products went straight to my bathroom, where they are being tested throughly as we speak, and detailed reviews of both items will follow later on this blog, so watch this space!

Conclusion: The anticipation of finding that package on your doorstep somewhat makes up for the lacking of the brick shop experience, but I honestly still prefer to buy my products in an actual shop. So Belgian beauty halls, please take it up a notch and stock more brands than the usuals!

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