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Jimmy Choo – Flash

A few months ago I participated in a giveaway on one of my favourite blogs (the very lovely and utterly gorgeous Dutchess Roz, please check out her blog), and thought no more of this (knowing my luck with such contests….). A few weeks later I was pleasantly surprised when I received a very kind email from Roz saying that I had won, and when the postman delivered the package a mere few days later, I was over the moon!


FLASH is the sophmore fragrance by Jimmy Choo, and after their first offering, Creative Directors Sandra Choi and Simon Holloway knew excatly what they wanted for this follow up frangrance: “FLASH is about the cool rush of excitement and the sense of power a woman feels when dressed in a pair of sexy shoes. Its character which is both heady and effervescent, captures this perfectly.”


Perfumer extraordinaire Christine Nigel was able to perfectly capture this sense of excitement and female power when creating the scent, and has delivered a beautiful white floral scent with top notes of pink pepper, tangerine and strawberry. Heart notes such as Jasmine, Tuberose and White Lily give it a modern, somewhat grounded feel, and the Heliotrope and White Woods as base notes round out the scent perfectly.


Jimmy Choo has always been about an infusion of luxury and glamour into your daily life, their shoes, handbags and fragrances are the perfect little compagnon to an otherwise mundane outfit and put a little spring in your step. Catching a little whiff of this scent throughout the day has often perked me up and re-energized me during an afternoon lull, and I cannot thank Roz enough for sending me this beauty!


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